We're all experimental musicians (lecture)

We’re All experimental musicians (series of lectures)

Speakers: Michał Libera, Michał Mendyk, Daniel Muzyczuk

Contemporary, avant-garde, electronical or experimental music – those are often terms that seem to deter due to its impenetrability and forecasting experience with art that can be hard to understand and has not much in common with reality surrounding us. Meanwhile our daily experiences can be perfectly described using categories, often used by /designed for musicians for creating contemporary sound art. We can sense some ‘noise music’ usually in the morning before we turn on the computer or coffee machine. Going to the cinema we expose ourselves to abstract music being quite often chaotic. Radio Framework often reminds us of technics for editing specific music and plunderphonics.

Adverts as a constant part of our sound landscape are nothing else than sound design manipulating our senses in a way that even avant-garde musicians wouldn’t be ashamed of. Our series of lectures and presentations merged into one narration will be introducing historical and latest trends in experimental music refering to our daily experiences in a direct way. As historical case study we get down to one of the most important world wide institutions experimenting with sound – Warsaw Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio. On this example we’ll show what an important role sounds play In how we perceive the world; sounds developed In the idiom of experimental music. At the same time we’ll be talking over the fundamental categories of perceiving avant-garde music In their relation with science, technology, daily life as well as the programme of the Sanatorium of Sound.

The series of lectures will be accompanied by a presentation In the form of an exhibition about the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio.