Participants, lectures, speakers

Marcin Barski

Earlier independent curator, music publisher (AudioTong, Mathka), writer and translator. Currently he’s working in silence and creating niePrzewodniki (”nonGuides”), being an alternative way for visiting cities/ sightseeing. Co-founder of the Institute of Sound Landscapes (Instytut Pejzażu Dźwiękowego).

Daniel Brożek

Zuzanna Fogtt

Konrad Gęca

Works mainly with sound but uses any material, choosing particular medium depending on the context. Since 2009 under the banner of "muzykoterapia" has organized a series of events promoting sound art and exploratory music. Has performed as part of the project Exploratory Music From Poland On Tour (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Berlin), at Skver Art Festival (Croatia) and Audio Art Festival (Kraków) among others. Member of Polish Association Of Electroacoustic Music; connected with Soundscape Institute.

Karolina Karnacewicz

DJane, promotor, cultural manager. She's writing about music for polish, czech and slovakian magazines. In terms of practice, her main interest lies in experimental electronica and sound art. She co-worked with numerous art galleries as well as non-profit organizations, for whom she worked on several projects linked with music.

Michał Libera

Sociologist working in sound and music since 2003, now mainly involved in producing and staging sound essays and other experimental forms of radio art and opera which brought him to collaborate with Martin Küchen, Ralf Meinz, Rinus van Alebeek, Alessandro Facchini, Joanna Halszka Sokołowska, Komuna// Warszawa and others. Libera is a producer of conceptual pop label Populista dedicated to mis- and over- interpretation of music as well as series of reinterpretations of music from Polish Radio Experimental Studio (Bôłt Records). He curates various concerts, festivals and anti-festivals, music programs for exhibitons and received honorary mention at 13th Venice Arhcitecture Biennale. Other regular collaborators include National Art Gallery Zachęta, Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Polish National Museum (Królikarnia), Galerie West in The Hague, Satelita in Berlin. His essays on music and listening „Doskonale zwyczajna rzeczywistość” were published by Krytyka Polityczna. »

Kurt Liedwart

Krzysztof Marciniak

Michał Mendyk

Antek Michnik

Writer and performer, historian of culture. Co-founder Grupa ETC, group of avant-garde researchers and performers, member of the staff of the Glissando quarterly, associate of Stanisław Brzozowski Society. Studied History of Arts at the Warsaw University and graduated in 2013. Published in various journals, edited exhibition catalogues and conference publications. Co-editor of the first Polish book on Fluxus, Narracje - Estetyki - Geografie. Fluxus w trzech aktach by Grupa ETC (2014).

Daniel Muzyczuk 

Is a curator at the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. Curator of the numerous projects, among others: Long Gone Susan Philipsz, Gone to Croatan (with Robert Rumas), Mariusz Waras and Krzysztof Topolski. Factory, MORE IS MORE (with Agnieszka Pindera and Joanna Zielińska), Melancholy of resistance (with Agnieszka Pindera), Views 2011, Sounding the Body Electric (with David Crowley) and Deliberations on Economics Cooked Up In the Back Room. 30 Years of Wschodnia Gallery. He is the winner (together with Agnieszka Pindera) of the Igor Zabel Competition in 2011. Co-curator of the Polish Pavillion for the 55th Venice Biennale (with Agnieszka Pindera). Since 2015 vice-president of AICA Poland.

Paweł Szroniak

Piotr Tkacz

Improvisor, DJ, critic, curator. He’s open for new impromptu meetings, also working on scripts and graphic score. Member of numerous bands: Kurort, Revue svazu českých architektů, Radioda, Tkacze, Stupor, Lata, Ryzykowna wyprawa batyskafem and Tirips. Also appearing as DJ 2 Lewe Ręce (DJ 2 Left Hands). Together with Patryk Lichota he’s running Audiosfera, broadcastet at Radio Afera. Organizer of FRIV, festival of improvised music, also numerous concerts, movie screenings, talks, meetings. He has published critical texts and writings among others in Glissando, M/I, Czasie Kultury, Dwutygodniku, Muzykotece Szkolnej i

Krzysztof Topolski aka Arszyn

Electroacoustic improviser, author of soundart projects, drummer, field recordist . Key concepts in his work are noise and soundscape. He explores the area of percussion and live electronic, improvised and electroacoustic music. He composes with the use of computer, creates interactive and sound installations, organizes presentations and lectures on contemporary music and sound art and also runs workshops. Curator of Soundplay project in CCA Laźnia in Gdańsk. He is a member of PSeME (Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music). Published his music and sounds on labels: Post_Post, Nefryt, Monotype, Audiotong, Sqrt, Lado Abc, Plg, Konkretourist, Sangoplasmo, Bółt. In the years 2012 – 2013 he realised projects: Museum of Sounds in National Museum in Carcow, Baltic Sounds Good in the frames of Art Line. Arszyn Emigrant GPS commissioned by Emigration Museum in Gdynia and Perspektiven/Perspektywy - reinterpretations and homages to the Polish Radio Experimental Studio Warsaw and the Studio des WDR für Elektronische Musik Köln, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Köln, Germany. In 2009, together with Mariusz Waras, he created installation Fabryka (Factory) in CCA Znaki Czasu (Signs of Time) in Toruń and also presented the piece Folk Science as a part of Pandemonium project in AC Institute [Direct Chapel] in New York. He was awarded a sholarship of Museums Quartier in Vienna (2004), Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2007, 2010, 2013),Visegrad Fund residence program at Skolska 28 Gallery, Prague (2011) and ArtsLink residency program in Ohio Sate University Chool of Music, USA (2013). Took part in many festivals: Unsound, Line_in : Line_out, Wien Modern ’03 , Stimul '05, Echofluxx '11, '12, Prague, Jazz and Experimental Music from Poland, '11, '12, London, OSA festival 2013, Sopot.

Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz