A part of the Sanatorium Dźwięku Festival will be discussion panels, in which independent record labels representatives, music journalists and culture managers take part. Subjects of this years discussion panels are:

Saturday, 9/08/14, 11 a.m. KINOTEATR ZDROWIE

Music genres: genres’ function in polish phonographic industry, is the traditional classification of genres sufficient or does the music at its actual stage of development escape the foregoing boundaries and patterns?

Sunday, 10/08/14, 11 a.m. KINOTEATR ZDROWIE

Creative advertising in the music business- is the plurality of promotional means helpful in reaching the broad audience? How to plan an advertising campaign for a band, album or a festival? Is an artist’s effective self-promotion possible on the polish market with no marketing budget i.e. using free promotional means like mailing, facebook, myspace etc?