Mark Baron

MarcBaron sokolowsko sanatoium dzwieku of sound

Marc Baron
Born in 1981 in France. Lives and composes music in Paris.
Since 2008, Marc Baroncomposes music for loudspeakers using tapes and analog processes. This work takes the shape of acousmatics concerts, radio broadcast, records, installations or specific live performances. Some of hiscompositions and performances were played in Australia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Scotland, Canada.
Two solo records were edited in 2010 and 2012 on the English and MalaysienslabelsCathnor Records and Theme Park ("∩" and " Une fois, chaque fois "), in 2014 on the French label Potlatch ("Hidden Tapes"), in 2015 on Glistening Examples (" Carnets ").


There are the sounds that I gather, those that I make up, there is all that I settle before with protocols and that I deploy. And above all, there is what comes here, to my ears, sometimes by accident, when the material is worked on in the studio, by the tape itslef, by the microphone. In the beginning, I am not interested in any sound more than any other, I simply go where I think I feel something and I deepen. The form that it takes (broadcasting, performance, record) depends essentialy on the music itself. When it makes sense, the context or the space of the broadcast can determine the facts. The complexity of qualities, their assembling, is the core of my music ; seized between a semblance of realism and the desire for the greatest vagueness. I search for a tension.

- Marc Baron 2012 -