Olivier Di Placido

Olivier Di Placido is a french guitarist, improviser curently based in Naples, Italy.

During the years he has developed an absolutely unique approach to his instrument, being able to make it sound like a turntable or a broken synthesizer.Interested in discovering all the possibilities of the guitar, including the most hidden ones, he has litterally invented a new and hybrid instrument with unfixed neck and moving pick-up using only a mixer and a compressor pedal to process the signal.

Since more then 10 years he has been playing concerts all aound Europe with musicians like Mario De Vega, Arnaud Riviere, Tony Buck, Anthea Caddy, Crank Sturgeon, Jassem Hindi (Les Sorciers Komas), Fritz Welch, Jean Phillippe Gross, SEC_ and Company Of Many Others( w/Francesco Gregoretti) to name a few.

Publishing records on label such as Bocian, Noise Below, Human Sacrifice, Coherent States, La république des granges.