Mike Majkowski

Mike Majkowski is a double bass player born in Sydney, Australia. He currently resides in Berlin. Mike Majkowski is an outstanding improviser who feels in his element both when playing jazz and in the field of musical experiments. His family hails from Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. Recently, Mike Majkowski started to collaborate with the most prominent Polish independent musicians, such as Mikołaj Trzaska (together with whom he worked on a joint project with Remont Pomp – an album titled “Złota Platyna”), Łukasz Rychlicki and Paweł Szpura (as Lotto). Earlier, he collaborated with such artists as, inter alia, Mike Nock, Bob Mintzer, Kristin Berardi, Jim Denley, Jon Rose, Chris Abrahams, Robbie Avenaim. Mike Majkowski co-founded The Splinter Orchestra, a large electro-acoustic ensemble concentrated on creating improvised music. Moreover, he is also a member of ROIL (together with Chris Abrahams and James Waples). Apart from collaborating with other artists, he has released two solo albums as well.