Les énervés

Les énervés is the project of Renato Grieco and Giulio Nocera, Neapolitan musicians with different personal paths. The first is a radical improviser and composer for double bass, the second producer and composer with a background in cinema and theater. Reel recorders, feedback systems, objects, field recordings and digital treatments to create a sound made of organic and complex layers, their primary objective being to evoke something indefinite, like an attitude, and make it remain in the air.
They have collaborated with Valerio Tricoli, Giovanni Lami, SEC_, Marco Clivati, Kevin Drumm, Francesco Gregoretti, Yoni Silver, Emilio Berné, Cris X, Riccardo La Foresta, Stefano Costanzo and played in Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Turkey , in places like the CafeOTO (London), Iklektic (London), Dal Verme (Rome), De Ruimte (Amsterdam), Hermann Nitsch Museum (Naples), exviri (Noicattaro) and in festivals such as FLUSSI and Saturnalia.

They are also active as concerts organizers and are artistic directors of the La Digestion Festival, Napoli. They are part of team of curators for the project Musica Sanae.