Keith Rowe in BARBARA - 25 August

  August 28, 2015

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On 25th August 2015 Keith Rowe, a classic of improvised electroacoustic music, during a meeting in BARBARA: infopoint / cafe / culture talked about his work within the residency in Sokołowsko Laboratory of Culture. He also presented, among others, his latest piece of art created in collaboration with Gerard Lebik. The meeting was lead by Michał Libera. Foundation In Situ - thank you for hosting Rowe in Sokołowsko!

Until 8th September you can see (and listen to) a multimedia exhibition of Rowe's works in Barbara.

Fot. Barbara Pigoń

A leap second, the 26th, June 30, 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC ć

  August 13, 2015

sanatorium dzwieku sokolowsko lebik

A leap second, the 26th, June 30, 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC

Berlin - Burkhard Beins / Paris - Marc Baron / Seyðisfjörður - Gerard Lebik

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service in 1972 set "leap second" phenomenon. A leap second is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in order to keep its time of day close to the mean solar time, or UT1. Without such a correction, time reckoned by Earth's rotation drifts away from atomic time because of irregularities in the Earth's rate of rotation. The necessity of adding leap seconds is caused not sufficient accuracy designation in the 50s, the length of the solar day and the resulting length of a second, changes in Earth's rotation period due to unforeseeable factors, such as mass movements in the interior of the Earth, and constant deceleration speed of Earth's rotation caused by friction masses of earth and water during tidal.The most recent one happened on was inserted at the end of June 30, 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC

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Sanatorium dźwięku program Sokołowsko

  August 09, 2015

sanatorium dzwieku znak

Program 14-16.08.2015

14.08.2015 (piątek)

Samotność dźwięku, reż. Jacek Bławut, 2012

13.30-14.00 Geniu, ratuj!, reż.Bolesław Błaszczyk, 2008 - KinoTeatr Zdrowie

16.00-17.00 Pozainstytucjonalne formy promocji muzyki eksperymentalnej (panel dyskusyjny)

Uczestnicy: Zuzanna Fogtt, Piotr Tkacz, Karolina Karnacewicz, Konrad Gęca, Paweł Szroniak, Antek Michnik - Park



Reinterpretation of the three pieces of Iannis Xenakis

  June 30, 2015

sanatorium dzwieku sokolowsko xenakis

An important event prepared especially for the Sanatorium Sound, presented by the duo Kasper Toeplitz Gerard Lebik. Is a reinterpretation of the three pieces of Iannis Xenakis :La Legende d'Eer, Bohor and Persepolis Fri. II. Multi-channel sound projection with percussion instruments (Tony Buck, Burkhard Beins, Krzysztof Topolski, Raymond Strid, Gabriel Ferrandini) The music will be presented in the sanatorium park.

Image: Sketch for La légende d'Eer—Diatope (Iannis Xenakis)

realization date: 16.08 (Sunday) - PROGRAMM